1. so stinkin’ cute




  2. Promotion Board • February 3, 2012 

    "According to AR 670-1 the RDI is centered 1⁄8 inch above the top of the pocket flap, or 1⁄4 inch above any unit awards or foreign badges that are worn. When the coat lapel obscures the insignia, soldiers may wear the RDI aligned to the blah blah blah…."



  3. this is Moose being well-behaved.


  4. new & improved

    Adam’s snowman from last week was rained on that night and didn’t make it. This guy hung around for close to a month. No rain. Just snow, snow, snow.

  5. busy, busy


  6. snowsnowsnow

    This weekend was the heaviest snow so far this winter. I know I’ll laugh at myself later for thinking a couple inches is a ton of snow, but this is definitely the most snow I’ve ever seen (with the exception of a ski slope).

    ^ recognize these things? 

    curious. but not excited.

    Saturday morning Adam couldn’t wait to make a snowman. While we watched our neighbors shoveling (and sweeping?) the snow off their patios and driveways, Adam was busy collecting it onto ours.

    Immediately after making the snowman, we made this winter’s first gumbo. Yummmmmmm :)


  7. suuuushi

    Yesterday we made sushi for lunch!
    BOTH avocados we bought were horrible but the rest of the ingredients turned out great. We don’t have anywhere nearby to fill our sushi craving so this was a terrific solution & its super easy & cheap to make yourself. Will be doing this again soon!

    KJ, if you’re reading this, your Sriracha stuff makes an awesome {and VERY spicy} dipping sauce!


  8. laundry day

    Sometimes I get lucky & he decides not to steal a sock

  9. Heard of recipe art?
    I saw a Chicken Soup example as “Get Well Soon” cards, really cute idea!

    I put this one together today in photoshop! Um, I haven’t actually tried the recipe yet but I’d like to print-frame-hang a couple different ones in the kitchen :)


  10. Pesto Raviolis: are not cat toys

    Well, once again, this blog is way overdue for an update. Sorry?

    This weekend Adam & I made my dad’s {…& nanni’s & mawmaw great’s} spaghetti sauce which has become somewhat of a Sunday-after-church ritual much like it was for me growing up. We just love it. But there’s always just a ton of sauce leftover that we’re trying to find something different to cook with it.

    Solution: Joy the Baker.
    If you aren’t familiar with Joy {and her blog}, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about her sooner! Amy Sciple introduced me to Joy’s Shrimp&Grits Recipe that is the funniest, wittiest blog post, & best recipe…ever.

    A few days ago, Joy posted a recipe for Green Pea Pesto Ravioli. Adam & I both love ravioli {can you say cheeeeeese}, but peas just didn’t catch our attention like most of her recipes do. 

    Chelsea’s Cafe on Perkins used to serve a little piece of heaven - garlicky, basil pesto raviolis with a spicy red sauce - YUM! I swear, I don’t think I ever ordered anything else from their kitchen. Is this place still open? If so, try it! No, wait, make your own!

    Anyway, so thats what I tried for with my raviolis! <3 Chelsea’s!

    Oh, the best part of this recipe, Joy uses Wonton wrappers! No need to make your own pasta, and they’re already cut to the perfect size :) TOO EASY!

    So start with a handful of fresh basil and 3 large cloves of garlic… 

    Pulse in food processor until garlic is chopped fine. Add a sprinkle of breadcrumbs, grated parmesan, salt, pepper, a splash of lemon juice & olive oil. Pulse into all are mixed together well.

    Next, scoop your fresh pesto into a medium bowl and add about a cup of grated mozzarella cheese. Smash all of this together with a fork as best you can.
    Mine was being a little stubborn. No worries, add more glue… um, olive oil :) 

    So now its time to decide what shape you want.
    Scoop about 1 teaspoon into each wrapper, brush some water along where you want the wrapper to stick to itself and fold! Try and smush out any air as you fold. 

    …So gather your remaining raviolis that haven’t become cat chew toys and boil them in salted water for about 4 minutes, or until heated through.

    Serve with a drizzle of Dad’s Spicy Sketti Sauce and enjoy!!!! 

    {next up: puréed mushroom & cheese ravioli}


  11. out of stock :(


  13. you see, the sky was so blue today, and everything was so green and fragrant, I had to be a part of it.

    This totally makes me miss the spring weather.

    I had two very similar games that I played with my parents at the age of 5ish.

    In the opening sequence of The Sound of Music {which I’m told I would watch back to back} it was always a race to who could point out Maria spinning around in the Alps first. Oh, I always won.

    The other was the anticipation of getting closer and closer to the I-10 tunnel on our frequent road trips between BR & P-cola.
    "I see the tunnel!!!!!"
    This I’m pretty sure Dad always won.

    Maria and that tunnel…great pieces of my childhood :)

  14. loving the wall art and coffee table!

    (via thatlivingroom)


  15. 'tis the season

    Last Christmas, the 4 of us decided that Mom’s kitchen was big enough for 4 cooks…making 4 different Christmas cookie recipes. At once. Yep. 

    Every year Granny’s teensy-tiny-baby Christmas apron comes out at some point, but this year I’d been given 3 aprons for our wedding…and I was okay with forcing EVERYBODY to wear one :)

    I promise, I do it with love.